Elif Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Elif Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.  -  - firma Özeti

Elif is a global supplier for flexible packaging solutions, known and preferred with its quality. Continuously improving its service and quality standards after its establishment in 1972, Elif has been authenticated as the market leader for setting high quality standards in the flexible packaging industry by its multinational customers with leading brands.
Elif owns one of the leading production facilities in the world with architecture of construction, infrastructure and high technology of production and scale. With its worldwide benchmark factory of 110,000 m2 in total, 55,000m2 of it being indoor facilities, Elif has a production capacity approaching 50,000 tons per year.
Elif's flexible packaging solutions include:
*Printed and unprinted converted packaging(bags,pouches,sacks,etc.);
*Packaging materials on reel(laminates,film,foils,tapes,strips of plastic etc)
*Plates and sheets produced for automatic filling machines or industrial use;and
*flexible intermediate bulk packaging materials of polyethylene, polyproplene,paper,aluminium,etc.or their laminates,
Elif is committed to provide exceptional service and highest quality products tailored to the unique needs of each customer through collaboration and innovation driven by the art of science. With headquarters in Turkey, Elif's international operations network is strategically structured to offer both worldwide supply flexibility and a global localized service for its customers. Offering services to many major brands, both domestic and global, Elif exports in excess of 50% of its production to more than 50 countries worldwide.
Elif continues to target tomorrow's excellence by strengthening synergy and dynamism generated by the unity of its customers, suppliers with professional human resources and its innovative management approach.

Genel bilgi

  • Kuruluş yılı


  • Registration no

    332 000 3405 / Büyük Mükellefller V.D.

  • Kuruluş tipi

    Şirket Merkezi

  • Faks

    +90 212 622 0677

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  • İş Bankası, Hsbc, Halkbank




Bölge : Orta Doğu, Batı Avrupa, Asya Pasifik, Batı Avrupa, Orta /Doğu Avrupa, Kuzey Amerika, Orta Amerika, Güney Amerika, Afrika, Afrika, Asya Pasifik



  • Açıklama:

    ISO 9001:2000

  • Türü:

    ISO 22000

  • Türü:

    OHSAS 18001

  • Türü:

    BRC/loP (GradeA)


  • Saha çalışan sayısı

  • Merkez çalışan sayısı

    500 ile 999 arası Çalışanlar


  • 2014

    50 milyon TRY 'den fazla

Finansal oranlar


  • Bay Ali Salargil

    Board Chairman

  • Bay N. S.

    Vice Chairman

  • Bayan H. S.

    Member of the board

  • Bay S. Y.


  • Bay M. O.

    Technical Coordinator

  • Bayan B. K.

    Accounting Manager

  • Bay E. Y.

    Design Manager

  • Bay T. P.

    Foreign Trade Operations Manager

  • Bay H. D.

    Finance Mgr

  • Bay Z. C.

    Information Technologies Manager

  • Bayan E. S.

    Marketing & Corporate Communication manager

  • Bay A. O.

    Procurement Manager

  • Bay H. K.

    Production Manager

  • Bay A. I.

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Bay A. a.

    Research & Development Manager

  • Bay M. T.


  • Bay E. A.


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