Papatya Pamuk ve Kozmetik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 12 Nolu Cad. No:2
27000 / Gaziantep /

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Firma Özeti

Papatya Cotton was founded in Gaziantep in 1979, and is one of the leading and longest-established producers and exporters of cotton wool/wadding for personal hygiene and cosmetic purposes in Turkey.
Our products are approved by the Ministry of Health in the National Data Bank set up by that Ministry. In addition to having CE certification, Papatya Cotton is the first and only company in Turkey to register its production under the EN ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System. Having manufactured to Turkish and European pharmacopeia standards for more than thirty years, we are proud and happy to be able to reflect this experience in the quality of our products.
The primary aim of Papatya Cotton is to maximise customer satisfaction by producing high quality goods with methods that do not harm the environment or human health. Accordingly, we make products of different types/brands in packages to suit customer demand, which are manufactured in hygienic conditions under the supervision of chemical engineers.
As a company with a steadily growing national network of distributorships; and whose first priority is customer satisfaction; and which never compromises its operating principles or quality; Papatya Cotton invites you to become a member of our "family".
We are proud to introduce you to the quality of Papatya Cotton goods, manufactured by our young and dynamic professional team using the latest technology.
We thank you for your interest.

Genel bilgi

  • Kuruluş yılı


  • Registration no

    721 037 6711 / Gazikent V.D.

  • Kuruluş tipi

    Genel merkez

  • Faks

    342 337 1267

  • Web site


  • Papatya 

  • Sudecan 


  • Gaziantep Ticaret Odası, Gaziantep Sanayi Odası
  • Güneydoğu Anadolu İhracatçı Birlikleri


Bölge : Afrika, Asya Pasifik, Orta /Doğu Avrupa, Batı Avrupa, Orta Amerika, Orta Doğu, Kuzey Amerika, Orta Amerika, Güney Amerika

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  • Merkez çalışan sayısı

    20 ile 49 arası Çalışanlar



  • Bay Ali Can

    Export Mgr

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Papatya Pamuk ve Kozmetik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

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