Trakya Sanayi

E-5 Karayolu üzeri Akmeşe Sapağı
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Firma Özeti

Trakya Sanayi AS is a procer of aluminium discs and non-stick aluminium cookware.With its sister companies in different sectors,it represents one of the biggest industrial groups in Turkey.Since 1970,the group has evolved from a textile-oriented business to more complex industrial and invester group.The group has the following products in its product range:
Energy Drink: Royce brand premium quality non-alcoholic energy drinks with Whiskey,Mojito and Tonic flavours.Royce's charming desing and taste are well apreeciated in the countries where it is sold.It is certified by ISO9001, ISO22000,GOST-RU,GOST-RU HYGIENE.Royce is exported to China,Australia in the Far East;Russia,Kazakhstan,Georgia,Azrbaycan,Ukraine in Eastern Europe and Caucasia;GCC countries,Brazil;Germany,Austria,Bulgaria,Macedonia,Benelux,Denmark in Europe.
Fresh Years:Bulgarska Years Factory in Bulgaria and Odessa Yeast Factory in Ukranie manufacture fresh bakery yeast for their European clients in Poland,Hungary,bulgaria, Romania,Ukrania,Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Plastic bucket&Lid: Berolina is one of the leading producers of plastic buckets and lids for food&beverage manufacturers alaong with cehemicals producers.Countries of export are Macedonia,Bulgaria,Greece,Kosova,Germany in Europe;Georgia,Turkmenistan,Irak,Azerbaycan,Uzbekistan in Asia.
PVC Windows & Door Profiles: Taurus brand PVC profiles for windows and doors.It is certified by TSE,ISO9001,GOST-RU,SEPRO-UKR.We export our PVC profiles to more than 20 countries in Eastern Europe,North Africa,Caucasia and Middle East.
Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware:We manufacture Papilla brand non-stick aluminium cookware equipments above the world standards.Fuctional products with modern allure make Papilla more popular and known in both domestic and international markets.We are certified by GOST-RU,SEPRO-UKR.Papilla is exported to more than 80 countries in Europe,Middle East,Africa,Asia Pacific and South America.
Aluminium Discs:Manufacurer of high quality aluminium discs which are exported to many distributors worldwide.The countries of export are mainly the European countries,UAE and Egypt.
Hydrogene Peroxide: The sole manufacturer of Hydrogene Peroxide in and around Turkey for bleaching,sterilisation,etc in many different sectors.It is mainly exported to Latin America,Southern Europe,whole Africa,Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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    859 004 8321 / Alemdar V.D.

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    +90 212 695 1035

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