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Kestech Innovation - We Transferring Technology Kestech Innovation has been developing and manufacturing productive and highest profitability rotary transfer machines and work-specific machines for the mass production of metal parts for the automotive, watch and electronics industries, in medical technology as well as for pneumatic and hydraulic fittings since 1980’s. Kestech machines provide high precision, high capacity, Industry 4.0 revolution and compact manufacturing systems. Kestech Innovation has started manufacturing machines with the name AKT Machine which is founded 1990. The Company became first and only transfer machines producer in Turkey after first production in 2003. In 2005, after the increasing export value, The Company moved its production facility to free zones and named TTM Machine. TTM Machine strategy improved company profile and created new applications and products. Thus The Company started to its productions in R&D based structures and high technological solutions. Kestech Innovation maintains intense R&D activities and its production after located in TUBITAK MAM Technology Free Zone which is most important special technology developing area in Turkey in 2018. Kestech Machine's advantages in brief; It provides up to 4 times price advantages compared to its competitors all over the world because it can produce all equipment- All Spindles, Turrets, Holder Groups etc.- within its own structure and all of its engineering - Design, Programming, Robotic Automation etc.- can be carried out in-facility. In addition, Kestech offers unrivaled advantages thanks to business and customer-specific design advantages, spare parts inventory and production advantages, and much faster and economical service and after-sales supports.

Supplier of:

  • Metal tornalama makineleri, tornalar
  • Tornalar, bilgisayarda sayısal olarak kontrol edilmiş (CNC) - metal işleme
  • Turning machines, computer numerically controlled (CNC), metalworking...

Mirmaksan, Mirmaksan (Mirmaksan)

MİRMAKSAN About Us Originally founded as a small company MIRMAKSAN to provide customers with the highest quality product range and show that flourished thanks to the superior service performance, and quality in the industry has managed to become one of the major attacks that began with successful services firms. The growth of production lines, a significant increase in the number of customers in the development and service of customer profiles and direct management of the new plant investment to MIRMAKSAN. MIRMAKSAN management, automation technology in the near future to increase the volume of production are excellent and have decided to make investments in new facilities. As of 2007 have passed the professional management, experienced managers and specialized staff have started to employ. To MIRMAKSAN, which takes the success of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificate graced as a company, you produce the best quality products to our valued customers continue to service life. Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manifacturing- Industrial Kitchen Equipment Manifacturing Ticari Mutfak Ekipmanları ve Endüstriyel Mutfak ekipmanları ________________________________ Furniture Accesory Equipment Manifacturing Mobilya Aksesuarları ________________________________ Elektromagnet and Naturalmagnet Manifacturing Elektromıknatıs ve Doğal Mıknatıs İmalatı _________________________________ Automotive and Machine Machining Manifacturing Otomotiv yedek parçaları ve Makina yedek parçaları İmalatı ________________________________________________ AfterMarket

Supplier of:

  • Metal işleme aracı firmaları
  • Kıvılcım aşındırma talaşlı üretim hizmetleri, metal, bilgisayarlı numara kontrolü (CNC)
  • Izgara, çitler, metal...
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