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Industrias EVE

Pagatza Parke Industrial 5 C
20690 Elgeta

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Firma bilgileri Industrias EVE


Cold Stamping of metals. Dies and stamping metal.

Industries EVE, SA was formed as a limited company in the year 1979, although since the year 1957 the founders of the Company exercised business activity that is currently performed, which is carried out in the workshop that the company owns in the municipality of Elgeta (Gipuzkoa), built in 1997 and consists of more than 1700 m2 of ground. As core business we are dedicated to the stamping of metal parts as well as the manufacture of dies.The stamped parts are intended for sectors such as appliances and household appliances, electronics, automotive, fittings, furniture, etc.

The raw material used is diverse work materials such as stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, copper, etc...Our service begins with the study of plane or piece for later playback in the program Solid Edge, where they are calculated all the technical details of its manufacture.

Metal Stamping:

The process involves physically shaping a piece of metal by placing it between two presses that give it the desired shape using the pressure exerted by the machine. The main cold stamping operations are:
  • Die-cutting: punching (making holes), cutting (separating pieces of a sheet) or striking.
  • Embossing: making hollow forms from a flat sheet of metal.
  • Shaping by bending between matrices: curving, folding or rolling.
Auxiliary processes: We have a section automated for the rebabado and cleaning of parts as required. Warehouse: Our warehouse has a section for automated packaging and other storage of finished product produced by customers.

Industries EVE, SA is certified under ISO 9001 since the year 2000. All the processes are controlled under this certification, ensuring that all manufactured parts are finished according to the guidelines required by the client.

Genel bilgi

Kuruluş yılı 1957
CIF B75201525
Hukuki yapı Sociedad Limitada
Şirket sermayesi 90.152 EUR
Kuruluş tipi Genel merkez
Vergi numarası ESB75201525
Faks +34 943 788 046
Web site http://www.indeve.com



Bölge : Orta /Doğu Avrupa, Batı Avrupa
Ülke : Fransa, Portekiz, Almanya, Cek Cumhuriyeti, Polonya, Rusya

Önemli Bilgiler Industrias EVE


  • Merkez çalışan sayısı

    25 Çalışanlar


  • 2017

    3.000.000 EUR

  • 2016

    2.800.000 EUR

  • 2014

    2.200.000 EUR

  • 2002

    1.800.000 EUR

Yöneticiler Industrias EVE


Sr Zigor Echeverría

İdari/Finansal Direktör/Müdür (Director Financiero)

Sr Aitor Echeverría

Departman Direktörü/Müdürü (Director de Departamento Control de Calidad)

Sr Iñigo Echeverría

Ticaret Direktörü/Müdürü (Responsable Comercial)

Sr Javier Echeverría

Satın Alma Direktörü/Müdürü (Responsable de Compras)

Faaliyetler Industrias EVE

Diğer sınıflandırmalar (yalnızca bazı ülkeler için)

CNAE (ES 2009) :
Forja, estampación y embutición de metales (2550)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy (2550)
Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy (2591)

Katalog Industrias EVE