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I'll Protect U

107-ho, 150, Donggyecheon-ro, Dong-gu
Gwangju 61436
Guney Kore

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#Company Introduction
“Try running IPU when you need a reliable guardian angel in a dark alleyway, it will
protect you on your way back home. You can be relaxed with IPU anytime,
anywhere. “
PADIEM gives priority to the best value, the safety of vulnerable groups like women,
children, elderly people, etc.
• We will contribute to the creation of a better world for women to live in.
• We will work for the safety of the future.
• We will face everything with the attitude of passion, modesty, and honesty.
Safety, prevention, and the philosophy of joy.

# Strength:  
Patent Application
• 2016 A self-protection device using a human body sensor
• 2016 A self-protection device with automatic photo transfer function
• 2016 A self-protection device to identify criminals using facial recognition algorithms
• 2016 A security device that captures the movement of a person using a depth sensor and informs a user
• 2016 A safety alarm system and method
• 2017 A safety alarm apparatus and a safety alarm system including it
• 2018 4 applications of trademark

Patent Registration
• 2018 Safety alarm device and safety alarm system that include safety alarm device
• 2018 Blood vessel sensing apparatus and method for syringes and IVs

• 2018 ISO 9001 : 2015 certification

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Kuruluş yılı 2018
Co.Registration No 420-88-00992
Kuruluş tipi Genel merkez
Faks +82 54 322-6945
Web site http://padiem.net/?lang=en
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Hye-Rim Kang

CEO - İcra Kurulu Başkanı