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Dual Interface Smart Card Milling&Embedding Solution
  • Dual Interface Smart Card Milling&Embedding Solution
Speed: 3500CPH

JGF-5000C+ is specifically designed for producing both (CONTACT & CONTACTLESS)GSM and Banking card for milling and embedding. It is capable to produce dual interface (DI) card.

•JGF-5000C+ is available to produce:
•- ISO ID-1 card single module card
•- Half card Eco-SIM (2 in 1)

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Speed:  3500CPH
JGF-5000C+ is specifically designed for producing both (CONTACT & CONTACTLESS)GSM and Banking card for milling and embedding. It is capable to produce dual interface (DI) card. 

•JGF-5000C+ is available to produce: 
•- ISO ID-1 card single module card 
•- Half card Eco-SIM (2 in 1)
•- High speed and precision cavity milling with an antenna protection sensor.
•- Cavity Depth Measurement
•- Antenna E-conductive detection with OCR inspection. 
•- Available for the various adhesive process, such as conductive glue and soldering paste technology. 
•- Online Tape Lamination 
•- Module Punching and Embedding Automatically.
•- Multiple Hot/Cold Pressing Units. 
•- Module Height Measurement after embedding
•- ATR Testing
•- Camera visual check for the module and the card overall.

•According to the requirements, Operating by PC, CAD drawings, various shapes can be milling out. The chips of different specifications (6PIN/8PIN) are carried out online lamination, module punching, and cutting, and implanted into the cavity that had been milling, so as to realize IC embedding and pass ATR/ATS testing. 

•1. Exclusive patent advanced technical support, applicating with original imported components, precision debugging of hardware and software, to ensure high quality.
•2. Collection of automatic card feeding, cavity milling, glue dispensing, online lamination, module cutting, pre-heating, embedding and testing of modules.
•3. Unique antenna conductive detection technology can effectively eliminate the defective antenna during milling and to ensure a high qualified rate of products,it can be reached by 99.8%.
•4. Multiple adhesive processes are available,  High accurate DI cards with Conductive glue dispensing technology, the soldering paste technology which is stable and cost less.
•5. Automatic identification of module quality with high precision optical fiber electric eye. 
•6. Online lamination synchronization is completed. 
•7. The package adopts a unique plane structure and 4 groups of hot welding /2 cold welding heads to solve the problem of high-temperature strengthening and low- temperature cooling protection module. Plane adjustment is not necessary when replacing welding heads.  
•8. Chip transmission adopts THK original ball screw module, servo positioning ensures more accurate chip placement.
•9. The card transmission is driven by the servo belt to complete the action, ensuring the safety and stability of the machine.
•10. The Humanized software operating system by PC makes mechanical operation more quick and convenient. 
•11. Chip ATR testing device, which can effectively test the set value of chip to ensure the qualified rate of mechanical packaging. (contact card) 
•12. ATS detection device for the chip can effectively detect the fixed frequency of chip into solder paste detection to ensure the packaging qualification rate of modules. (contactless card) 
•13. Smartware supports upgrade, expand and freely add or remove various functions according to modular combination mode. It supports background control, remote loading, encryption, and other functions, with good compatibility and expansion. It further improves the productivity, flexibility and reliability of the card personalized project, and provides a more secure protection performance for the card data.

Dimension: H1870*W1010*L3900mm                                                 
Weight: about2300kg                                                     
Electric: AC220V 50/60HZ 25A                                                   
Power: 12.0KW                                                     
Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2                                                 
Air Consumption: 250L/min                                                  
Control Method: PCB positioning + PLC control                                                 
Servo Precision: X, Y=0.0125mm                                                 
Tolerance: 0.01mm                                                 
Operator: 1 person                                                  
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  • Tür Smartcard Machine
  • Model JGF5000+
  • Ebat 3900mm*1850mm*100mm
  • Marka JG
  • Origin China

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