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Ozkanoglu İnşaat Taahüt ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti., Ozkanoglu İnşaat Taahüt ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. (Ozkanoglu İnşaat Taahüt ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.)

Özkanoğlu Construction was established in 1985 as a family company with the aim of constructing solid structures by keeping quality in the forefront and advancing confidently by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront for more than 35 years. Only the activities that began as a construction and contracting industry, in 1996, by including PVC and Aluminum Door Window Systems, the world's highest quality and wide range of products with a German-made REHAU and Turkey Adopen one of the leading brands of PVC Door and Window Systems has been a leading company in the region as a manufacturer dealer. All of our Door and Window Systems are produced in full automatic CNC Machining Center machines without touching, without human error and with great care, and timely and high quality products are offered to the customer. Today, Özkanoğlu, which follows the latest technology closely with the dealership of the most powerful brands worldwide, fulfills the demands and expectations of the customers in the best way, adopts quality as an understanding and lifestyle, has satisfied thousands of domestic customers in 35 years. Since 2019, with the aim of contributing to the national economy and providing added value to its superior quality products, it has started to export to many developed countries including Canada, Malta, the Netherlands and France and continues to open a window to life all over the world. Özkanoğlu is aware that product and service quality has started with the quality of its employees. shows. Our company adopts comprehensive solutions to increase the use of technologies in the Construction, PVC and Aluminum Industry

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  • Pencere çerçeveleri, pencereler ve panjurlar, ahşap
  • Kapılar, ahşap
  • Kapı, ahşap, patio...
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