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Triga Metal Makina Otomotiv Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Triga Metal is a Turkish machine shop and a foreign trade company which specializes in CNC turning and milling of metal and plastic components. Triga Metal welcomes the opportunity to become your company’s source for precision machining and manufacturing needs. The company has capability to accomplish engineering, quality and pricing objectives to help your organization succeed, whether your needs are low volume or high. Triga Metal offers top quality product with a competitive price under on-time delivery conditions. Triga Metal has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Besides, all of our partners/suppliers have also ISO 9001 and/or TS ISO 16949 certification. There are CNC Lathes, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, Grinding, Drilling and other machines available in our machine park. Triga Metal has following capabilities; CNC turning & milling & drilling & grinding & threading & tapping & oil grooving & broaching & knurling (Machining of casting, forging, bar, plate, sheet metal, tube etc.) Heat treatment, surface treatment (plating, coating, painting etc.), welding, HD Plasma Cutting, Polishing, Forging, Pre-Assembly. Production capacity is not limited with the listed machines. Triga Metal is rather a young company and prefers to make investment based on solid projects and necessary technical structure and additional capacity can be organized in a short time. Following products can be machined: * King pin, manifold, hub, drum, cylinder head, sleeve etc. for automotive sector * Housing, valve body, fitting, union nut, regulator etc. for natural gas sector * Shaft, bolt, housing, ring, fitting etc. for heavy duty machine sector * Housing, cover, plate, shaft, fitting, valve etc. for HVAC sector * Bracket, ring, drum, knuckle, etc. for utility vehicle sector * Flange, bushing, pin, fitting, etc. for agriculture sector * Spare parts for food processing machine sector * Machined castings for energy sector

  • Torna edilmemiş metal perçin çivileri
  • Hırdavat, nalburiye, kesici aletler ve gereçler
  • Sıkma halkaları ve sabitleme sistemleri, metal, endüstriyel...
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